Pigment Color Test Kit


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Don’t struggle with your colors!
Do not guess what color your pigments will heal to!
Using these colored pads gives technicians a better understanding as to the color each of their pigments will create in different base shades of skin.
You will achieve a higher degree of accuracy when choosing which of your pigments to use on what skin tone or color correction.
Document each pigment’s color qualities and how they work with different undertones.
This is the ideal kit for both new and seasoned permanent cosmetic technicians.
Test your pigments for corrective color on these individual colored “pads.”
Each colored pad represents either a skin tone or a “previously healed color that needs correction.”
This kit also includes transparencies to overlay onto your clients’ skin to determine which color is necessary to bring the previous tattooed color to Brown.
A permanent marker is included so that you can note the pigment color on the colored pad (that you have “tattooed” with your pigment). You will make a corresponding notation on the corresponding yellow sheet to note the “healed” color.

Tattoo each of your pigments into a selected pad (do a minumum of 1/2″ square). Using your permanent marker, write a number on the left side of the test square. Write the same number on your color list sheet corresponding with the color of the pad. Scrub off excess pigment with soap and warm water, using a soft-bristle brush. Pat dry. Do not “overwork” the pad… think of it as skin.

This kit is an excellent training resource for instructors, as well! Ask about our quantity discounts!

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in