Cosmetic Sponges — Non-latex (32 count)


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Throw away your cotton balls or squares! Once you use these sponges, you’ll never use anything else! These are the softest sponges I have ever used! They are very strong and do not crumble or pull apart during use. They will not change color when exposed to air or when they dry out. Always use them slightly “damp.” They are great for use during permanent cosmetic eyeliner applications, providing a gentle “stretch” with little to no pressure. They are made with such a “tight weave,” that they will not scratch the eye like cotton or other wipes when cleaning the lash area of the eyes following eyelash tinting or permanent makeup application.
They expand 1/3 their size when wet. Always use slightly damp to remove the most stubborn pigments from the face, without debreeding delicate skin.
They are the perfect size. I have completed many eyebrow, eyeliner and lip applications using a single sponge!
Once the sponge has been immersed in water or saline and squeezed or patted on a tissue, it will not drip excess liquid onto your clients’ faces.
These sponges are also great to use during needling applications to remove lotions or to provide the necessary stretch in delicate areas.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4 × .75 in