3M Cavilon “No Sting Barrier Film” 28 ml Spray


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No more shiney or oily area while healing!
Completely alcohol-free formula will not sting even when applied to damaged or denuded skin.
Clinically proven to provide up to 72 hours of protection.
Sterile delivery systems including peel-down packaging.
Non-cytotoxic: will not interfere with skin or wound healing.
Spray on and out the door!
This is the perfect barrier film to replace your clients’ current “home care” ointments.
Ideal for Eyebrows, Areola Pigmentation and Traditional Tattoos.
Instructions: Clean and dry the tattooed area. When treating small areas like eyebrows or beauty marks, use a pipette to draw a small amount of film from your bottle of 3M Cavilon Barrier film and put it into a pigment cup. Using a microbrush, apply a “very thin” layer of film to the eyebrow or beauty mark. For larger tattoos, do a single application by using a sweeping spray across the area. Let dry approximately 30 seconds. If you missed an area, do a second spray only in the missed area. If the area feels oily, too much film has been used.
You can send your client home with the 3M Cavilon Barrier Film packet which they can use twice… once every 48 hours.
The area will heal naturally within 5 to 7 days. A light washing but no scrubbing or picking the tattoos. Clients may swim, shower and apply makeup after 30 seconds of drying.
This product may not be used on infants under 30 days of age.

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