3M Cavilon Cream (3.25 oz)


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This is the larger size for professional use.
Dimethicone Skin Protectant Cream. A concentrated cream that provides durable, long-lasting protection from bodily fludis while moisturizing the skin. Unique, polymer-based formula provides a breathable barrier to promote skin health. The cream vanishes into the skin and is fragrance free.
Unique, polymer-based formulation.
Containers Dimethicone for skin protection.
Resists wash-off — eliminates need for frequent re-application.

This is the perfect barrier cream to replace your clients’ current “home care” ointments. Ideal for Eyebrows, Lips and Areola Pigmentation.
The area will heal naturally within 5 to 7 days. No restrictions. Clients may swim, shower and apply makeup after the cream is dry.
Instructions: Clean and dry the tattooed area. Using a cotton swab, apply a “very thin” layer of ointment to the tattooed area only. Let dry approximately 30 seconds. If the area feels oily, too much cream has been used.
“In my practice, I apply this to the Eyebrows and send my clients home with nothing. They can shower and wash their face as long as they do not scrub the brow area for 5 days.
I send a packet of the 3M Cavilon Cream home with my lip or areola clients with instructions to apply “sparingly” once every 48 hours. Clients use the cream for 4 days or longer if necessary.” — Paula Pilmanis, owner of www.permanentmakeupcenter.com
This product may not be used on infants under 30 days of age.

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Weight 4 oz
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