Dermagraphics Inc. strongly encourages and promotes continuous education and the sharing of information. We can all benefit from the experiences of our peers…

  • What mistakes should I avoid at all costs? 
  • What safe and effective new products are available? 
  • How can I expand on what I offer my clients?

Dermagraphics Inc. offers excellent training videos to encourage licensed professionals and experienced permanent makeup technicians to expand their horizons…

Dermagraphics Video Collection

INTRODUCTION TO THE DERMAGRAPHICS PEN®: Demonstration of the different Dermagraphics Pen® configurations and how they are used for Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lips and Areola Pigmentation. Demonstrations shown on Pig Skin.
EYEBROWS AND EYELINER WITH THE DERMAGRAPHICS PEN®: Demonstrations and instruction on Live Models.
LIPS AND SCAR CAMOUFLAGE WITH THE DERMAGRAPHICS PEN®: Demonstration and instruction on live models.

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Introduction to the Dermagraphics Pen®
Eyebrows & Eyeliner with the Dermagraphics Pen®
Lips & Scar Camouflage with the Dermagraphics Pen®
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